Merlin’s Forge is a Minecraft mod that:

  • speeds up repetitive, routine tasks
  • adds layers of protection against hostile mobs
  • adds “invincible” villagers with more useful trades and “Casper the friendly Ghast” that fire bombs hostile mobs
  • makes passive mob spawning available to the player
  • adds a rail track layer that also serves as a mining tool
  • provides over 100 schematic structures that can be loaded on command

Consider the mod to be in “beta test” mode but fairly safe to use.

Merlin’s Forge is also a web site that provides helps and resources to Minecraft players and new “modders” who would like to write their own modifications.

The author is a retired person who has had to teach himself Java and Minecraft modding by reverse engineering mods written by others. ┬áHe has tried not to violate code sharing restrictions but rather use other’s mods to discover Minecraft features and how they can be enhanced.