imagesI spend a lot of time playing Minecraft. I’m retired so I have a lot of time. My wife and friends think me odd for playing a “children’s game” but I have my reasons.

My Configuration

I play Minecraft only on the surface because I enjoy building things and overcoming the challenges of constructing things with minimal “cheating” (e.g. I don’t fly when building). I use the 1.8 version of Minecraft to get the latest features and blocks. I use mods that enhance my ability to find and use the resources I need for building (see the Playing Minecraft: Mods topic). I play in Survival mode and switch between Normal and Peaceful depending on what I’m doing (I don’t like mobs bugging me while I’m building something).

A Great “Toy”

I have always enjoyed building things with Legos, Erector Sets, Lincoln Logs and the like. Some of my retired friends still enjoy the Legos left behind by their children. But Minecraft is a better resource for me because Legos and similar products cost a lot, there is no “world” or context to go with them and they are painful when stepped on.

Minecraft offers a whole world to go along with what I build. I can build a whole village or series of connected villages without taking over an entire room of my house.

A Great Solitary “Game”

I find the challenges of mining, sorting and storing, building and dealing with mobs to be engaging. I like the ability to vary the difficulty to change the focus of the game to my mood and preference. It’s a lot more fun than Free Cell or Sudoku.


They say retired people need mental challenges to stay sharp. So I am learning to write mods using Java and Eclipse. I reverse engineer open source mods as a learning tool. I began my computing career in 1965 with assembler language, Fortran and COBOL. These are “linear” languages where code starts at the top and ends at the bottom. Object Oriented languages like Java make my brain hurt but it’s a great mental challenge.

Control Freak Enabling

Using resource/texture packs and mods, I can control the look and feel of much of Minecraft. That makes it more “my” game than “their” game. I really appreciate the flexability that Minecraft offers.

And Many, Many More

There a lots of other reasons but these are the biggies.