Picture2All Merlin’s armor is made of kevlar with max damage of 50.

All armor is crafted the same way:

  1. make an iron helmet, chestplate, leggings and boots
  2. upgrade them on the Crafting Table
  3. enchant them by smelting them in the Brazier.

The Helmet comes with night vision. The Brazier adds protection 4.

The Chestplate comes with fire protection.  The Brazier adds arrow protection 5. The Chestplate also comes with a force field that keeps creepers and zombies about 2 blocks away. When wearing the Chestplate, the player cannot fall more than 3 blocks without going into a shallow glide much like a BASE jumper wearing a squirrel suit.

The Leggings come with jump boost. The Brazier adds blast protection 4.

The Boots come with speed. The Brazier adds fire protection 4.