Merlin’s Infrastructure Mod offers a number of structure blocks that automatically generate a structure when the block is broken.

Merlin’s Village Forge is an enhanced version of the Village Forge with an Anvil, 2 Furnaces, Netherrack fireplace, Crafting Table, 5 doors, Chest storage, a basement with trapdoor and ladder access with additional Chest Storage.

The forge takes up an 7 x 11 block space with the open area facing the Northeast. Place the structure block in the MIDDLE of the space where you want the structure to generate.  To change the orientation of the doorway, before breaking the structure block, right-click the:

  • East side of the block to make the door face Northwest
  • West side of the block to make the open area face Southeast
  • South side of the block to make the open area face Southwest

If it does not come out the way you want, use the Clearing Block remove the structure.